About Company

Aragonia Group is a progressive international corporate service provider. We serve both domestic and foreign clients; deal with simple and complex corporate structures and matters. Since its establishment in 1995 our company has been constantly growing and developing. We are updating and improving the range of our services, seek and offer new products. Our goal is to understand our clients’ needs and provide the most efficient and cost-effective results.

Our services

We provide services in (54) jurisdictions. We specialize in international and domestic company formation, company administration, nominee services, tax planning, tax advising. We deal with company reorganization and will help you to create an optimal company structure, make initial public offer of shares, as well as invest money in financial markets.

Our team

Success of our company is ensured by our team of high-qualified and experienced professionals. We give special attention to education and training of our staff. Our specialists have many years of practical experience in the area of international tax planning and offshore business, and successfully apply their knowledge for our clients’ benefit. We cooperate with many reliable partners in the fields of taxation, law and accounting, whose names are known worldwide and whose expertise is proved by years.

Our investment experience

Within many years we actively invest in the world financial markets. Our way was long and not always smooth, but we are still in the market and we are successful. With our comprehensive experience we can help you to bypass big boulders and small rocks which every investor meets at his way.

Our philosophy and ethics

We always protect the interests of our clients keeping the received information strictly confidential. The structure of our company is created in such way that excludes any possibility of disclosing confidential information to third parties. Striving for lasting business relations we pay personal attention to every our client and try to exceed expectations.